Contained chaos

One day I decided to get my pen and paper and started to draw a free movement picture. There was no anticipation, I had no idea of what was coming out  nor when would I finish. This juxtaposition between organic and metal, chaos and borders seemed to came out of me. It started circa 2007/2008 and then evolved to planned shapes….



These are examples of unanticipated results and I got really excited with the finished product. I made myself a surprise…



Unplanned skectches that started to take form…





This took so long to complete, approximately 1 week…it is deceptively time-consuming…








This last one is a Kimono from my notebook. I was inspired by a trip to Royal and Albert museum… I saw beautiful kimonos laid out just like this. An almost standard origami-like shape yet so unique, unmistakably a kimono.

I never knew what to think of these or what to do with them…


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