Me introducing me…

Hi there curious reader! My name is Rafaela and I decided to create a page about a part of me… Ok, but why? Although an evident “why not…everybody seems to have one” pops into my head, and maybe yours, I do seem to be dwelling with what would seem a narsissistic exposure and the responsibility of blessing you with something unique and relevant. Well, if I do it or not it will be up to you…(you might be very easily impressed) but the truth is I need a space to share my areas of interest, I get lost in my own world…I love too many things but I what I seem to be striving for is finding a thread that will weave together these deceivingly different subjects. Are you still with me so far? Good, for those of you who battled through an attention span of 5 seconds I will care to explain further. When I was a little girl I always had a pencil in my hand and my earliest memories of scribbles date to when I was consciously triying to draw dresses, I felt like my hand did not obey my mind and as years went by I was able to execute them with more accuracy ( as children often do…yes I mean often as we all know that you may be one of the readers that is still drawing stick figures! I see you!)

I drew collections, dresses, sailor moons, you name it… and much to anyone’s surprise, those around me thought I was going to be a fashion designer…that was my dream. I shall break it to you right now that I didn’t become one…and this is because I always seemed to have a notion that only a very small percentage of fashion designers became  well-known, due to luck, connections or sheer talent but that always frightened me. But its ok, I’m a woman of many passions and another one of them was the human brain…not so much for the cliché of “reading people’s minds” but to find the common traits amongst us, our patterns and motivations. From an early onset I was always very open-minded and felt that I should not judge, but listen, that understanding is not the same as agreeing. So with all this wisdom I became an Msc in psychology (oooooooo!). Studied pathologies, studied what makes us stronger. And one field that always intrigued, fascinated and even scared me is the psychology behind advertisement…consumer behaviour. I’ve always said, the field that must have the best understanding on how humans behave is marketing and advertising. Their job is to trigger action, most of the time a subconscious action. This is so powerful and scary that for a part of my life I stayed away from it, because let’s face it…if we are subconsciously triggering an anticipated response this is called…manipulation and this can be a heavy etchical burden to carry. However throughout these years I have had this underlying curiosity of a specific type of response…and that is the satisfaction of purchasing something you love, and women (generally speaking) seem to be more susceptible to this…what I mean is men seem to spend more money in fewer items where women are able to achieve a feeling of satisfaction with a simple lipstick but may have a tendency to buy more often…I am certainly not an exception. The beauty industry moves billions of pounds, mostly thanks to women. It is fascinating they way beauty/fashion brands make up feel. And I am not talking about the brands that sell us a status fantasy, entise us to buy and we somehow feel like we moved up on the social ladder…yet we are still carrying that bag to our local shopping centre. I’m not talking about that, I am talking the ones that manage to create an emotional bonding, the ones that give us a sense of joy, a sense of whimsical, even a sense of power.  It’s amazing how this digital era is making the brands come down from a pedestal and relate to its client directly.

A few years ago I was fortunate enough to embark on a journey where I was able to take on a project from its very beggining. A supplier brand in the beauty industry establised itself in Europe and I became the main contact. I was able to choose the website, the layout, acquiring customers, promote the business through social media campaigns, understanding the traffic, SEO… everything! And the goal was one… to be able to deliver an image that showed how much fun we had in creating something designed to make women feel better. I love the creativity that goes into it, the constant strive in provoking emotions the challenge in standing out from others because you believe you represent the best. The satsifaction of being part of a brand you believe in is remarkable and vital to keep the best people.

There you go…I would have a lot more stories to tell but I feel like being kind to you! I hope this illustrates my introduction, my passion for fashion psychology and marketing and how these subjects can come together. This is why this blog has my name, I will be sharing my travels, my abstract drawings, possibly articles that I find interesting (and this may include quantum physics or trivia)….so … stick around?